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RipeMetrics is the world’s first Cannabis Customer Experience platform. Their mission is to help companies deliver exceptional customer experiences through meaningful software, products, and services. They’re a comprehensive technology platform using the proven Net Promoter Score® to get real feedback from customers – automatically – in a way that’s easy to manage, address and respond to in real-time. They provide intelligence tools helping companies make better-informed decisions, increase loyalty and cut marketing waste.

My Role

As the lead UX Designer for RipeMetrics I was responsible for implementing UX best practices throughout the UX and development teams. I lead UX whiteboard sessions, built a UX design ‘playbook’, created UX artifacts, lead user interviews and testing, and eventually lead the charge in redesigning RipeMetrics Platform.


Platform Redesign

The goal of the redesign was to make the RipeMetrics platform as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. We wanted to deliver a platform that shows sophistication and simplicity for our users.


NEW PLATFORM (Dark & Light Mode)

More wireframes / interactive wireframes upon request.



old plat port w graph.png


How Might We?

We used how might we statements to make sure we were asking the right questions. How might we statements allowed us to think about the user’s problems and validate our assumptions

User Journey

We created user journey maps in order to step into our user’s shoes. The goal was to get a feel for the emotions that our users may experience when using our product.


We created empathy maps after conducting user interviews in order to create our personas. The empathy maps helped bring our personas to life and further understand our users emotions.


UX Audit (AFter USer Testing)

After conducting user tests with the old platform we completed a UX audit. We used the feedback we gained from our testing to dissect our platform and determine the cause of the pain points. By doing a UX audit we were able to revisit and reprioritize our features.


We started our wireframing process on the whiteboard. Wireframing on the whiteboard allowed us to get our ideas out very quickly and helped us focus on function over fashion. We used activities such as crazy 8’s in order to get our ideas out quickly.


UX Artifacts



CX Journey MapPING

Empathy Maps

Empathy chart - Secret Shopper.png